Joomla: Why all articles are showing on frontpage in joomla?

June 2, 2011 | In: Joomla, web development

If you are new to Joomla then you will do this silly mistake definitely. because in most cases new user don’t aware from all terms of joomla and its admin panel. Joomla created for best content management system and during write the code, developers kept in mind each small users requirements.

When you are creating an article and filled all information like article title, its description and also selected its section and category. Also you have assigned this article to a link in menu. But this article is showing on the home page while you do not want to show.

Your requirement was that this article should be show when user click on link in menu bar. But it is showing on home page without click on the link. Reason is you have selected ‘Yes’ in front page field. It means this article will show on the front page also called Home page. So simple select ‘No’ and save this article.