Magento: How to give rating on product in magneto?

November 30, 2011 | In: Magento, php, web development

In default magento setup, product rating is not showing on product detail page while in the demo you see that rating is showing. Don’t worry about this. we show you how you can enable rating system by following below steps:

1. Log in to admin panel

2. Go to Catalog > Reviews and Ratings > Manage Ratings

3. You will see there are three attributes are showing. Means user can give rating on price basis, quality basis, or Value basis. Also you can add new attribute by pressing ‘Add New Rating’ button on this page.

4. By default, all ratings are unselected for default store. So you just need to click on any rating and go to edit page.

5. Select your store and save all values.

6. Once you set rating for your store, you will see all rating options on product detail page like:

7. User will able to choose any option for all attributes and submit review and rating for moderation.

8. It will not show on product detail page until admin or moderator will not approved it.

9. To approve the rating, go to Catalog > Reviews and Ratings > Customer Reviews > Pending Reviews.

10. There all pending reviews will show so admin can select anyone and approved it.

9. Once it approved by moderator, rating will show like this: